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Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA


City/Town : Latitude: 32.34663, Longitude: -95.300644


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ADDINGTON, Kyle David   I324 Combined 
2 ALSTON, Diane Christine   I99 Combined 
3 ALSTON, Sandra Kay   I98 Combined 
4 BAGWELL, Anne  10 Sep 1935Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I205 Combined 
5 BARRON, Allison Ann   I78 Combined 
6 BARRON, Amy Jane   I81 Combined 
7 BARRON, Billie Ferrell  23 Jan 1917Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I72 Combined 
8 BARRON, Cameron Clark   I15 Combined 
9 BARRON, Charles Royal  02 May 1933Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I2618 Combined 
10 BARRON, Colin Clark   I11 Combined 
11 BARRON, Colton Ray   I3289 Combined 
12 BARRON, Emmett Ferrell  03 Sep 1894Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I473 Combined 
13 BARRON, George Linton  20 Jun 1898Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1580 Combined 
14 BARRON, Helen  02 Sep 1905Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I2626 Combined 
15 BARRON, Horace Chilton  04 Jan 1901Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1582 Combined 
16 BARRON, Horace Judson  19 Dec 1872Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1070 Combined 
17 BARRON, James Ferrell   I74 Combined 
18 BARRON, James Henry   I478 Combined 
19 BARRON, Joseph Clinton  20 Jun 1898Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1581 Combined 
20 BARRON, Julianne Elizabeth   I3290 Combined 
21 BARRON, Justin Smith   I1 Combined 
22 BARRON, Leonard Copeland  24 Apr 1892Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1256 Combined 
23 BARRON, Louie Judson  02 Feb 1896Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I476 Combined 
24 BARRON, Mary Pauline  29 Jun 1903Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1584 Combined 
25 BARRON, Michael Edward   I75 Combined 
26 BARRON, Michael Ray   I82 Combined 
27 BARRON, Paul Kelly   I76 Combined 
28 BARRON, Phillip Eugene  25 Nov 1907Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I2612 Combined 
29 BARRON, Richard Smith   I6 Combined 
30 BARRON, Shannon Elizabeth   I9 Combined 
31 COLTHARP, Rev. A. Wayne  13 Apr 1880Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I2454 Combined 
32 COLTHARP, Paul R.  24 Nov 1900Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I2453 Combined 
33 COOPER, Nathan Scott   I3324 Combined 
34 COOPER, Reese Elizabeth   I3323 Combined 
35 DEERE, Dianah Lea   I101 Combined 
36 DEERE, Lesly Dale   I102 Combined 
37 FUNDERBURGH, Oral Leon  05 Aug 1914Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I2424 Combined 
38 GIMBLE, Richard James  25 Nov 1915Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I2590 Combined 
39 HURST, Susan Denise   I178 Combined 
40 KELLY, Ernest Wilburn  13 Jul 1916Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I92 Combined 
41 KELLY, Gregory Austin   I2701 Combined 
42 KELLY, Harold Clark  27 May 1925Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I94 Combined 
43 KELLY, Ivy Christine  11 Nov 1921Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I96 Combined 
44 KELLY, Kathy Kay   I179 Combined 
45 KELLY, Laurie Michelle   I445 Combined 
46 KELLY, Mason Robert   I2699 Combined 
47 KELLY, Michael Todd   I177 Combined 
48 KELLY, Patrick Dean  13 Apr 1942Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I2316 Combined 
49 KELLY, Patrick Stephen   I2318 Combined 
50 KELLY, Peyton Charles   I2700 Combined 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ruby P.  19 Dec 1996Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I2088 Combined 
2 ADAMS, Alice Lorena  1 Aug 1946Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I2142 Combined 
3 ADAMS, Lillie G.  24 Aug 1962Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I2138 Combined 
4 ALLEN, Crawford Aills  13 Jun 1947Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1753 Combined 
5 ALLEN, Dave Smith  02 Oct 1997Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I167 Combined 
6 ALLEN, Thomas Erwin  18 Jul 1995Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I171 Combined 
7 ALSTON, Emmett Gaus  20 Jun 1961Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1768 Combined 
8 ALSTON, Walter Bill  11 Apr 1991Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I97 Combined 
9 ASHCRAFT, Mary Elizabeth  16 Aug 1930Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I433 Combined 
10 BAGWELL, James Cecil  29 Jul 1987Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I204 Combined 
11 BARRON, Alice A.  03 Dec 1960Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I469 Combined 
12 BARRON, Cary A.  02 Jun 1976Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1108 Combined 
13 BARRON, Cary Alpine Jr.  21 Apr 2001Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I2407 Combined 
14 BARRON, Charles Morgan  20 Oct 1942Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I2104 Combined 
15 BARRON, Charlie May  17 Sep 1917Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I855 Combined 
16 BARRON, Claude Bedell  13 Apr 1976Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I111 Combined 
17 BARRON, Edna  30 Jul 1928Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1649 Combined 
18 BARRON, Euna Fidella  07 Dec 1958Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1105 Combined 
19 BARRON, Fred Mansfield  13 Sep 1955Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1398 Combined 
20 BARRON, George Beckham  13 Nov 1950Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I468 Combined 
21 BARRON, Gladys Edith  04 May 1980Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I110 Combined 
22 BARRON, Hubert Leon  27 Oct 2007Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I2118 Combined 
23 BARRON, James Henry   I478 Combined 
24 BARRON, Jay Hollingsworth  28 May 1944Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1251 Combined 
25 BARRON, John Thomas  10 Jun 1917Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I464 Combined 
26 BARRON, Joseph Clinton  20 Jun 1898Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1581 Combined 
27 BARRON, Joseph Newton  10 Sep 1941Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I466 Combined 
28 BARRON, Juston Kimbal  15 Jan 1970Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1394 Combined 
29 BARRON, Kenneth Ray  27 Oct 2013Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I2371 Combined 
30 BARRON, Lora Maude  25 Feb 1921Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I112 Combined 
31 BARRON, Louie Elbert  24 Aug 2004Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I3600 Combined 
32 BARRON, Louie Judson  19 Oct 1966Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I476 Combined 
33 BARRON, Marshall Franklin  16 Jan 1997Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I2110 Combined 
34 BARRON, Martha Ann  12 Jan 1907Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I883 Combined 
35 BARRON, Mary Elizabeth  16 Sep 1947Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I833 Combined 
36 BARRON, Mary Emma Theodosia  21 Mar 1940Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I896 Combined 
37 BARRON, Patsy Ruth  3 Jul 2012Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I3886 Combined 
38 BARRON, Travis Austin  14 Jun 1967Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1429 Combined 
39 BARRON, Vestena  28 May 1972Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1255 Combined 
40 BARRON, William  04 Mar 1964Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1088 Combined 
41 BARRON, William Smith  12 Jun 1951Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I108 Combined 
42 BARRON, Young Robert  27 Feb 1921Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I782 Combined 
43 BEASLEY, John Rush  09 Jul 1956Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1522 Combined 
44 BLANTON, Willie Mae  22 Oct 1974Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1082 Combined 
45 BLOW, William R.  09 Jul 1953Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1059 Combined 
46 BRADFORD, Jennie  25 Apr 1945Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I907 Combined 
47 BRANNING, Mary  30 Mar 1937Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I2579 Combined 
48 BREWSTER, Claud E.  12 May 1964Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1592 Combined 
49 BROUGHTON, Edna  13 Nov 1985Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I477 Combined 
50 BUTLER, Olie Belle  05 Dec 1981Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I182 Combined 

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1900 US Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1900 US Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 BARRON, Annie Laurie  12 Jun 1900Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1092 Combined 
2 BARRON, Elwood  12 Jun 1900Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1084 Combined 
3 BARRON, Fannie Amanda  12 Jun 1900Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1090 Combined 
4 BARRON, John Binford  12 Jun 1900Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1081 Combined 
5 BARRON, Joseph Alfred  12 Jun 1900Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I780 Combined 
6 BARRON, Nellie  12 Jun 1900Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I977 Combined 
7 BARRON, William  12 Jun 1900Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1088 Combined 

1930 US Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1930 US Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALSTON, Emmett Gaus  08 Apr 1930Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1768 Combined 
2 ALSTON, Lois Christine  08 Apr 1930Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1759 Combined 
3 ALSTON, Walter Bill  08 Apr 1930Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I97 Combined 
4 MINK, Charles Elmer  08 Apr 1930Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1760 Combined 
5 MINK, Clara Louise   I1761 Combined 
6 MINK, James Edward  08 Apr 1930Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I1758 Combined 
7 MINK, Samuel Edward   I1771 Combined 

Military Enlistment

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Enlistment    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLEN, Dave Smith  25 Aug 1942Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I167 Combined 
2 COLLINS, Clark  24 Feb 1942Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA I20 Combined 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BARRON / BROUGHTON  01 Jun 1916Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA F173 Combined 
2 BARRON / ROBERTS  18 Oct 1924Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA F637 Combined 
3 CATES / WOOD  03 Aug 1901Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA F579 Combined 
4 GARDNER / MILSTEAD   F659 Combined 
5 KELLY / CLARK  20 Nov 1915Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA F28 Combined 
6 KELLY / HURST   F63 Combined 
7 KELLY / MCCOMB   F66 Combined 
8 KINSER / MOORE   F823 Combined 
9 MINK / CRABTREE   F798 Combined 
10 NIBLACK / COOPER  08 Jun 1920Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA F621 Combined 
11 PITTMAN / STARNES  Abt 1921Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA F589 Combined 
12 PUGH / BARRON   F4 Combined 
13 RAY / BARRON  19 Jul 1922Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA F638 Combined 
14 SEALE / STARNES  16 Sep 1961Tyler, Smith, Texas, USA F570 Combined 


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 DEERE / ALSTON   F32 Combined 
2 KINSER / MOORE   F823 Combined 
3 KINSER / WINSLETT   F825 Combined 
4 LEE / ALCORN   F47 Combined 
5 MINK /    F797 Combined 
6 PUGH / BARRON   F4 Combined