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Most Wanted: Mollenhour-Barron Genealogy Project

Most Wanted

 Elusive People

Most Wanted: Patrick KELLY

Census records show his date of birth as March 1840 in Ireland, year of immigration as 1865 and possible death date as September 4, 1914. Death date was located in an obituary transcribed in a publication from the East Texas Genealogical Society. Efforts to find his and his wife's tombstone have yielded no results, so the grave is assumed to be unmarked at this time. Burial would have been in Liberty Hill Cemetery, Tyler, Smith, Texas.
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Most Wanted: Charles MARSH

Husband of Beatrice Elizabeth CLARK around the years of 1907 to 1915, Father of Dorcus Pauline MARSH (1910-1993) and Mildred Irene MARSH (1908-1981). I have been unable to find census or death records for this individual. Any help would be appreciated.
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 Mystery Photos

Joseph Smith Barron and Family (May 1901)

We know that the couple in the center of the photo is Joseph Smith BARRON and Mary Ann TOMLINSON, but we need help with the children and grandchildren. Contact us if you can identify the others in the photo.