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Alabama, USA


State/Province : Latitude: 32.576227, Longitude: -86.680737


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLEN, David C.  Abt 1849Alabama, USA I1745 Combined 
2 BARRON, Carrie A.  19 Jul 1864Alabama, USA I785 Combined 
3 BARRON, Emily Francis  13 Feb 1848Alabama, USA I586 Combined 
4 BARRON, Joseph  1854Alabama, USA I892 Combined 
5 BARRON, Martha Elizabeth  16 Mar 1856Alabama, USA I893 Combined 
6 BARRON, Mary Emma Theodosia  08 Oct 1864Alabama, USA I896 Combined 
7 BARRON, Myrtie Eulalia  16 Oct 1866Alabama, USA I820 Combined 
8 BARRON, Nancy Ann Amanda  07 Feb 1861Alabama, USA I895 Combined 
9 BARRON, Willie G.  30 Oct 1862Alabama, USA I784 Combined 
10 BEASLEY, Walter W.  18 Jul 1859Alabama, USA I2374 Combined 
11 BLOW, Mary Caroline  28 Mar 1886Alabama, USA I1057 Combined 
12 BLOW, William R.  05 Jan 1889Alabama, USA I1059 Combined 
13 BRANNING, James  1825Alabama, USA I2607 Combined 
14 BRIGHT, Minnie Mae  20 May 1890Alabama, USA I1520 Combined 
15 CLARK, Ardeller V.  04 Dec 1869Alabama, USA I2446 Combined 
16 CLARK, Mary Vinson  10 Mar 1862Alabama, USA I945 Combined 
17 CROSS, George Washington  14 Mar 1859Alabama, USA I816 Combined 
18 CROSS, Isaac Newton  02 Jan 1863Alabama, USA I817 Combined 
19 CROSS, Joseph R.  03 Oct 1853Alabama, USA I812 Combined 
20 CROSS, Martha A. E.  20 Feb 1857Alabama, USA I815 Combined 
21 CROSS, Sarah F.  22 Aug 1855Alabama, USA I813 Combined 
22 DUDLEY, Sarah E.  Abt 1864Alabama, USA I922 Combined 
23 ECHOLS, Jefferson Benjamin  07 Apr 1864Alabama, USA I2474 Combined 
24 FUNDERBURGH, William W.  30 Aug 1847Alabama, USA I2445 Combined 
25 HILL, James Calhoun  29 Sep 1807Alabama, USA I2436 Combined 
26 MARTIN, Mary Alice  09 Sep 1866Alabama, USA I968 Combined 
27 MARTIN, Nancy Eunis  26 Apr 1879Alabama, USA I978 Combined 
28 MARTIN, Sarah Francis  26 Apr 1879Alabama, USA I980 Combined 
29 MARTIN, William Monroe  23 Sep 1873Alabama, USA I984 Combined 
30 MEADOWS, James Riley  09 Aug 1857Alabama, USA I676 Combined 
31 MEADOWS, Jason Miles  09 Aug 1857Alabama, USA I677 Combined 
32 MEADOWS, Marshall Frederick  03 Nov 1859Alabama, USA I678 Combined 
33 MEADOWS, Telitha Lavonia  30 Dec 1854Alabama, USA I675 Combined 
34 NORRIS, Samantha Elizabeth  4 Apr 1849Alabama, USA I2680 Combined 
35 PEACOCK, Arnold Smith  26 Sep 1867Alabama, USA I914 Combined 
36 PEACOCK, Mary Ellen Josafine  08 Sep 1865Alabama, USA I913 Combined 
37 ROGERS, J. Frank  24 Apr 1852Alabama, USA I792 Combined 
38 ROGERS, John David  1854Alabama, USA I794 Combined 
39 ROGERS, Joseph Alfred  02 Jul 1856Alabama, USA I796 Combined 
40 SPRAGGINS, Othera  7 Sep 1896Alabama, USA I1135 Combined 
41 STANLEY, Joel Thomas  02 Oct 1852Alabama, USA I772 Combined 
42 STANLEY, Walter Hilton  21 Dec 1883Alabama, USA I1034 Combined 
43 WAGNER, Lillian  05 Jun 1862Alabama, USA I2585 Combined 
44 WILSON, Mattie R.  12 Nov 1873Alabama, USA I2429 Combined 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BARRON, Joseph  1856Alabama, USA I892 Combined 
2 BARRON, Marcus Newton  22 Apr 1882Alabama, USA I517 Combined 
3 MANNING, Mary M.  Bef Aug 1852Alabama, USA I3681 Combined 
4 MARTIN, Sarah Francis  14 Jul 1879Alabama, USA I980 Combined 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ROGERS / EASTERLING  1828Alabama, USA F783 Combined 
2 SCOGIN / GRIMES  Mar 1848Alabama, USA F1249 Combined