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Texas, USA


Tree: Combined
State/Province : Latitude: 31.169036, Longitude: -100.07688


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Katherine L.  24 Sep 1920Texas, USA I2419 Combined 
2 Rebecca  Abt 1892Texas, USA I2241 Combined 
3 ADAMS, Johnnie Belle  29 Aug 1915Texas, USA I3844 Combined 
4 ADAMS, Opal Lee  17 Oct 1911Texas, USA I3843 Combined 
5 ADKINS, Eliza Jane  20 Aug 1880Texas, USA I2523 Combined 
6 ALLEN, Charles  Abt 1882Texas, USA I1750 Combined 
7 ALLEN, Cora C.  Abt 1877Texas, USA I1747 Combined 
8 ALLEN, Hosie  Abt 1888Texas, USA I1754 Combined 
9 ALLEN, John  Abt 1878Texas, USA I1748 Combined 
10 ALLEN, Kittie  Abt 1894Texas, USA I1755 Combined 
11 ALLEN, Linnie  Abt 1884Texas, USA I1751 Combined 
12 ALLEN, Sallie  Abt 1886Texas, USA I1752 Combined 
13 ALLEN, William  Abt 1880Texas, USA I1749 Combined 
14 ALMAZAN, June Harper   I3922 Combined 
15 ALSTON, Alma Ruth  12 Apr 1904Texas, USA I1764 Combined 
16 ALSTON, Clara Evelyn  Abt 1915Texas, USA I1766 Combined 
17 ALSTON, Eleanor Grace  Abt 1909Texas, USA I1765 Combined 
18 ALSTON, Emory Lee  Abt 1919Texas, USA I1767 Combined 
19 ALSTON, Lois Christine  23 Jul 1906Texas, USA I1759 Combined 
20 BARRON, Annie Laurie  21 May 1892Texas, USA I1092 Combined 
21 BARRON, John Binford  06 Dec 1879Texas, USA I1081 Combined 
22 BARRON, Nellie  17 Aug 1881Texas, USA I977 Combined 
23 BARRON, Travis Austin  06 Nov 1907Texas, USA I1429 Combined 
24 BARRON, William  05 Dec 1888Texas, USA I1088 Combined 
25 BARTON, Lidia Terrell  Texas, USA I2491 Combined 
26 BIRDWELL, Elizabeth A.  24 Oct 1871Texas, USA I3409 Combined 
27 BRASHER, John Perry  23 Apr 1866Texas, USA I917 Combined 
28 BUCKNER, Mittie Emaline  13 Dec 1879Texas, USA I640 Combined 
29 BURLESON, Augustus Lawhorn Jr.  06 Feb 1879Texas, USA I1665 Combined 
30 BURLESON, James Curl  25 May 1874Texas, USA I1664 Combined 
31 BURLESON, Leslie Wilson  21 Jan 1916Texas, USA I3333 Combined 
32 BURLESON, Richard Loyd  17 May 1902Texas, USA I3334 Combined 
33 CAMPBELL, James B.  Abt 1870Texas, USA I644 Combined 
34 CARR, Effa Lena  Jan 31 1896Texas, USA I1060 Combined 
35 CASTLE, William Harrison  06 Dec 1888Texas, USA I1091 Combined 
36 CATES, Altus Clifford  15 Aug 1911Texas, USA I2233 Combined 
37 CATES, Annie Belle  15 Jan 1909Texas, USA I1780 Combined 
38 CATES, Audie Marshall  18 Sep 1900Texas, USA I1776 Combined 
39 CATES, George Washington  06 May 1848Texas, USA I1500 Combined 
40 CATES, Hiram Robert  22 Nov 1913Texas, USA I2234 Combined 
41 CATES, Homer  Abt 1899Texas, USA I1777 Combined 
42 CATES, Maggie  Abt 1913Texas, USA I1781 Combined 
43 CATES, Margie  Abt 1916Texas, USA I1782 Combined 
44 CHRISTOPHER, Elizabeth Bonaparte  25 Dec 1857Texas, USA I3411 Combined 
45 CLARK, Rose Lee  24 Oct 1911Texas, USA I1047 Combined 
46 COLLINS, Patricia "Patty" E.  1923Texas, USA I3957 Combined 
47 COLLINS, Pauline  28 Dec 1899Texas, USA I69 Combined 
48 COOPER, Lesbia Lucille  14 Jul 1902Texas, USA I1541 Combined 
49 CROOK, Azaria  Abt 1875Texas, USA I3768 Combined 
50 CROOK, Emma  Abt 1877Texas, USA I3769 Combined 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CROOK, Reuben F.  24 Jun 1900Texas, USA I2499 Combined 
2 DUDLEY, Green Jackson  20 Sep 1889Texas, USA I921 Combined 
3 GIMBLE, Jacob H.  18 Oct 1919Texas, USA I2584 Combined 
4 GURLEY, John M.  1 Aug 1920Texas, USA I3577 Combined 
5 JONES, Martha Ora Lee  22 Jun 2000Texas, USA I254 Combined 
6 MEADOR, Mary Oma  14 Feb 1884Texas, USA I3360 Combined 
7 ROQUEMORE, Tilitha  Texas, USA I540 Combined 
8 SHELLHORSE, Susan L.  17 Jan 1916Texas, USA I2500 Combined 
9 STARNES, Cordelia Gazelle  13 Apr 1956Texas, USA I1479 Combined 
10 STARNES, George Franklin  11 Jan 1954Texas, USA I1477 Combined 
11 STARNES, Henry Martin  24 Jul 1962Texas, USA I1475 Combined 
12 WHITFIELD, Minnie  18 May 1922Texas, USA I3578 Combined 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BARRON / HALL  03 Mar 1933Texas, USA F628 Combined 
2 MORRIS / CLARK  18 Jun 1897Texas, USA F577 Combined